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'Since we have introduced the Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in the Moroccan University Education interest, in respect of this spatial technology, has continued to grow. Monitoring and development of this technology, and the degree of the uptake by different users, are provided by the various scientific events organized at the national level. Thus, the International Conference on GIS and GT , the first scientific event on GIS topic in Morocco called SIGGT organized by the Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock, Casablanca Hassan II affiliated to the University hassan II in collaboration with the National Fisheries Research Institute; NHRI , School Hassania public Works ; EHTP, held between May 20 and 21, 2010 constituted, through the various topics, a first platform for debate, discussion and Progress of knowledge in the field of GIS . Since then, other scientific events have been organized by other Moroccan universities.

'If the first edition of this congress set the objective to identify the different expertise in GIS , reflect on the development of a platform for dialogue and collaboration among researchers and socio- economic operators, the second edition which will be under the theme " GIS and Remote Sensing in the service of Territorial Governance ". The main goal of this scientifc is to disseminate knowledge and to share expertises and experiences in geospatial sciences on all aspect of applications. It also aims to capitalize on all the experiences gained in recent years in GIS and remote sensing both locally and globally and search on the possibility of using GIS and remote sensing not only as a tool for decision-making but also a tool for Territorial Governance.

'The Second International Conference GIS -GT Casablanca City 2014 will be an opportunity for a large number of national and international researchers to discuss and exchange their knowledge and their expertise in the field of GIS and remote sensing. In order to enrich this scientific debate , and on behalf of the organizing committee , I am delighted to cordially invite you to attend this scientific conference, organized by the Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock , University Hassan II Casablanca which will be held on 25,26,and 27 June 2014 in Casablanca City, Morocco.