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Presentation of the college library Mohamed Sekkat

The College library Mohamed Sekkat (BUMS) is the work of the Foundation Mohamed Sekkat which donated at the University Hassan II Casablanca of her invaluable library (550 manuscripts, 600 pounds and lithographies) and of a financial contribution (500,000 euros) for the construction and the equipment of DRUNK. Created to accompany teaching and research academics, the BUMS caps three libraries of the scientific establishments of the University Hassan II of Casablanca:

  • The University of technology
  • The Faculty of Science,
  • Ecole Nationale Superieure of Electronics and mechanics

It has the role of serving a number of potential users which rises with 40,000 students, 2000 teacher-researchers, 1000 administrative and 1000 entrepreneurs.

Located in the middle of the university campus and served by several joint transport lines and a railway station, the College library Mohamed Sekkat is installed on vast plates of 7000 m2, in 6 stages, arranged in order to support the access to documentation and information.

It offers to the public more than 1000 seats, 120 data-processing stations and 40 opening hours per week.

More than 50 000 documents are presented to the public,200 000 in the long term could be installed there: books, newspapers and reviews, CD, DVD with accesses to a panoply of electronic resources and Internet.